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Step 3 to submit your EZ Construction Loan northern California
construction loan application:

Once tentative construction loan approval (in writing) has been received, it's very simple to obtain your cash fast for your EZ Construction Loan construction loan ...sometimes in as little as 14 working days! EZ Construction Loan hard money loans for your northern California construction financing really are that easy!

Step one is to click here to print out the attached simple form and fill it. To open escrow send it to California Land Title Co. located at 464 Brunswick Road (P.O. Box 1102), Grass Valley, CA 95945. Phone: 530-273-6122. Fax 530 477-0835.

Ask for Sue Bigelow. Sue will then notify us immediately when you open your escrow and we'll proceed with the appraisal and other elements of the loan process. Please provide Sue Bigelow at California Land Title Co. with the following:

(Please click here to print out a printer friendly version of the form below which you will need to fill out and submit )

  • A $300 deposit payable to California Land Title Co. (is required before any title work or demands will be ordered). The deposit will be credited to your closing costs at close of escrow or refunded if failure to complete this loan transaction is attributed to this office.
  • The actual property address
  • Name
  • Home phone number
  • Work phone number
  • Fax number
  • Cell phone number
  • Your mailing address
  • Your fire insurance agent
  • A copy of the property tax bill showing assessed value, AP# and annual taxes
  • Name, address and phone number of anyone you want to be paid off or who will be subordinating
  • At least 3 most recent comparable sales in your area. You might get these from your real estate agent
  • A copy of any recent preliminary title report issued on this property if available. This could save you some money with the title company costs.
  • A detailed legible map to the property with 3 cross streets, a north point and written directions
  • Proof of purchase price of property if purchased within the last 18 months (i.e. a closing statement)
  • If this is to be a construction loan and you don't have a final yet but have already broken ground, tell Patsy that you will need to fill out an asset/liability statement for title insurance underwriter's approval
  • A reduced copy of your FLOOR PLAN and SITE PLAN ONLYon construction loans. (We do not want a full set of plans or blue prints). A site plan shows where the house is located on the lot.
  • A cost breakdown of labor and materials and a description of materials
  • If our loan is to be junior to another (or not in 1st position) please provide evidence of balance of the 1st loan and the terms with the year end statement provided by the lender. A copy of the note would be helpful.

We sincerely look forward to working with you and urge you to call with possible questions, concerns, suggestions or objections.

Thank you!

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