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Hard money loan construction loans

Hard money loan construction loans are for you if you are tired of waiting for your financing! Try our faster, easier hard money loan for a fast easy Real Estate construction loan, land or equity loans! Anywhere in (Northern) California from $100,000.00 to $500,000.00! Hard money loan construction loans are the fastest, easiest way to get a construction loan!

Approve your own hard money loan construction loan needs right now!

To apply for our hard money loan construction loan, please apply online or print a copy of our simple one page loan application and fax it to 530-273-5636 for immediate approval! It's fun to tentatively approve your own loan needs in minutes yourself! Whether you need just one loan for yourself (or easy financing for a whole tract imagine hard to finance customers getting approval right from the computer at your model home(s) site(s), for up to $1mil/month) Contractors; apply for up to 5 loans at a time. Our EZ construction loans really are easy!

When banks say NO, we say GO!

Our no qualifying hard money construction loans are easy to obtain! Banks rely on your credit to approve your construction loan. Our private construction loans are privately funded based on the equity of the property, so we say yes even to bad credit construction loan applications! If you have bad credit and are looking for a construction loan, try us out for your new construction financing!

Free Video Brochure about our private money construction loans!

Please email us asking for your free video and brochure that tells all about how we arrange faster easier privately funded construction financing ($100K to $500K) all over Northern California.

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